Tuesday, May 23, 2006

DiGRA Japan Inaugural Meeting

I haven't been writing here for a while. This is partly because the skype meetings with Frans and Tanya have been canceled, but mostly because I have been too busy working for DiGRA Japan.
The inaugural meeting of DiGRA Japan took place on May 19. DiGRA Japan has already been declared to be established on April 28 but for various reasons we could not have a meeting on that day. The purpose of this inaugural meeting is to announce the establishment of this new association to the general public and recruit members.
The meeting was a great success. It attracted a lot of media attention. About 120 people attended the meeting (much better attendance than DiGRA itself!), all the major newspaper companies and a lot of game related news companies came to cover the meeting. The meeting went smoothly, the inaugural address of Prof. Baba, president of DiGRA Japan was very successful, and nearly 40 from the audience joined DiGRA Japan. On the next day, newspapers reported this meeting, some news websites had a fairly extensive coverage, and users of SNS sites and blogs began discussing DiGRA Japan.
All these indicate that this new association is something really wanted by society at large. This also means that we have huge responsibilities to make DiGRA Japan a success.
Along with the news of DiGRA Japan, the news of DiGRA 2007 was announced and circulated through the Japanese mass media. Such media attention is important for us organizers because soon we need to start raising funds to support DiGRA 2007. Already, an organization linked to the Tokyo Metropolitan government has offered some support (so at least you will get at least free maps and brochures of To


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